Spectre Digital Printing’s new Spectra Dtg Digital Printer is out now for $799

Digital printers are getting a new look.

The Spectre Dtg digital printers from Spectra Digital are out today for $699, the cheapest you can get.

The new Dtg is a slightly smaller version of the Spectra 2 digital printers Spectre Dg2, but the Spectre Dghs are a bit more expensive.

The Dtg and Dgh are the first digital printers to come with a built-in digital backlight, which can be used to turn off the backlight to save power.

The screen can also be configured to show more colors or different backgrounds.

The dtg digital is a bit bigger than the dtg 2, but it comes with a similar screen and features a similar design.

The company is still planning to add an optional mirror in the future, and the dgh will come with an optional microSD card reader.

Both the dg and dgh are priced at $499.

Spectre is a digital printing company that makes digital cameras, but they also make some other cool things.

Here’s a look at the new dtg, the Dtg 2 digital printer and the new Spectrum Dgh digital printer.

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