What do you think of the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8?

Digital print, digital edge printing and digital transfer printer (ACE) are all on the minds of some consumers when it comes to the new iPhones.

The latter are all made of plastic, which can be a bit flimsy when compared to metal, but are quite durable.

The new iPhones feature a glass panel which is made of a new kind of polymer, called polycarbonate, and it’s very flexible.

The smartphone has also come with an additional layer of protection against dust and water, which means the glass will not shatter if you drop it in the shower or in the bath.

The glass panels also come in two varieties: plastic and ceramic, which is where the difference lies in the price of these phones.

The ceramic model costs around Rs 1,800 (about US$130) while the plastic model will cost around Rs 9,000 (about $140).

The difference in price may not seem huge, but in reality, there’s a huge difference between the two.

The plastic one has a thicker glass panel, which gives the iPhone the ability to withstand the bumps of water, dust and even the touch of a hammer.

The metal one is thinner and does not have the same protective layer of glass that the ceramic version does.

In terms of performance, the ceramic model is much faster and the plastic one is much slower.

The faster one has the capability to do the basic calculations of the display, whereas the slower one can only perform a few basic calculations.

The difference is noticeable.

For comparison, the OLED screen in the Galaxy S9, which has the same screen size and dimensions, costs around US$1,500 (about Rs 13,800).

The price difference between a plastic and a ceramic smartphone, which was reported by DigiTimes earlier this month, is not a big one for many consumers.

In the past, the plastic iPhone has come with two screen sizes: the normal 4.7-inch model and the 5.5-inch version which has a higher pixel density.

The regular iPhone also had a screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the Samsung Galaxy P9, and the Samsung S8 all feature an OLED display which offers better colour accuracy, contrast and colour reproduction, according to Digi Times.

It is also cheaper than a ceramic phone.

The plastic iPhone X comes with a screen that measures a whopping 4.5 inches (102.8 mm) by 3.8 inches (91.2 mm) which is smaller than the ceramic iPhone, and just a shade lighter.

The display is the most advanced part of the new smartphone, and that makes the glass panel quite flexible and durable.

If the iPhone’s display were to break, there will be no problem.

The screen has a high-resolution display and is the best in its class.

As for the performance of the ceramic phone, it is faster than the plastic phone.

It has a 5,000mAh battery, which could be enough to last for a day of normal use.

If you were to charge it in a standard charger, you will only be able to use a day or two, which may not be enough for most people.

The iPhone X is not meant to be used all day, however, and we would recommend keeping the phone plugged in at night for maximum battery life.

The ceramic iPhone X also has a different design from the one of the regular iPhone.

Its design has a slightly more rounded edge, which also helps to make it look more premium.

The difference between ceramic and plastic is very subtle, but for the iPhone users who are worried about their device breaking, it’s a big difference.

For example, you could replace the glass on the front with a ceramic panel, but this would not make the iPhone appear much heavier.

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