How to make the ultimate gaming printer for $30,000+ (via Digg)

Engadgets, the leading online destination for all things geek, has been running a series of articles in which we explore the best ways to make your gaming PC or gaming console into a piece of art.

Today, the site has a look at one of the best gaming printers that you can buy today, the DGT-R3000 Gaming Keyboard.

While the DGR-3000 Gaming Keyboards are relatively affordable and easily buildable, the company’s own website lists the printer at around $35,000, making it one of those pricier options out there.

And while the company has been offering the DGA-3000 RGB Gaming Keyboard, DGR also has the DG-3000 gaming mouse and a DGR 3000 gaming keyboard, which are both slightly cheaper than the $35K price tag.

All of the keyboards and mice on the DGF-3000 website are compatible with the Razer Naga and Razer Blade laptops, so the company is selling both mice as well.

There’s also a DGT3D gaming mouse with a Razer Blade keyboard, and DGT 3D gaming keyboards.

But as a mouse, the mouse is an odd choice for a gaming keyboard as it’s a black plastic, and it doesn’t offer any wireless features.

The mouse itself is very comfortable, though, and its backlighting and color scheme is very well thought out.

But, as with the DGs, there’s no wireless functionality.

This makes the mouse a poor option for gaming keyboards, unless you’re a hardcore gamer.

The DGR is available for pre-order on Amazon, and you can get it for just $30 by visiting

But the DGS-3000 isn’t for everyone.

We found that the mouse itself was pretty awkward to use.

There were a lot of buttons on the mouse, and a small pad that made it difficult to hit certain keys on the screen.

Also, there was no wireless connectivity.

But that’s a small problem compared to the fact that the DGE-3000 is actually a very good gaming mouse, so we recommend buying it.

The price of the DgT-3000 keyboard is a little higher than the DFG-3000, at $3500, and the DGM-3000 mouse is $35.

But this is a decent keyboard and mouse combo, and we’ll be sure to give it a good review once we’ve had a chance to use it.

It’s an interesting looking keyboard, but the keys themselves are not particularly well-designed.

We’re not sure if they would be a good choice for those looking for a high-end gaming keyboard or for anyone who doesn’t mind being a little more expensive.

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