‘I’m a little nervous’: The first day of a digital printing course at Texas Tech

Posted October 20, 2018 06:03:55 A digital printing class at Texas Technology University is the first step in an online digital printing certification program.

A group of six students from Texas Tech’s College of Engineering are taking classes to learn the basics of digital printing.

The class, called “Digital Printing in Texas,” is scheduled to last three days.

The online class is designed to teach students the basics like how to properly set up a printer, where to print from, and what tools to use.

It is being taught by a team of four students.

Texas Tech said it’s hoping the class helps people who want to learn to print in the state.

“The Digital Printing in TEXAS program is a great example of how Texas Tech is taking digital technologies to the next level, making them accessible to all who want the tools and knowledge to be successful in the digital economy,” Texas Tech President Dr. John Swenson said in a statement.

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