Meijer’s digital scrapbook printers will offer ‘perfect’ prints for printing the Bible

The Meijers of Dortmunder, Germany have announced they will offer digital scrapbooks printing the text of the Bible.

The company is offering its printer to churches for the first time, with the price of 1,800 € ($1,975) for a 100 gigabyte ($160,000) print.

The Meijermans plan to sell the machines at a special auction in the German city of Stuttgart on June 24.

Meijer, founded in 1887 by Heinrich Meijerman, started out printing books but since the late 1970s has focused on printing books with higher quality.

It’s estimated the company employs around 10,000 people worldwide.

Meighen’s digital printer offers the option of using digital ink, which is more reliable and durable than traditional paper.

It also comes with a special feature that allows users to choose the size and type of the print they want.

The printer’s “digital scrapbooks” feature allows for up to 10 copies per page and comes in a range of colors.

It will also be available to buy in other countries, but the Meijercost has yet to announce an exact price.

The new printer is Meijera’s first foray into the world of digital printing.

It was designed in collaboration with the Swedish company Epson and is based on a Meijerk printhead.

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