How to get a print of the bible from the library at your local church

The bible is a priceless treasure that must be protected and kept safe, but how can you find a copy?

A new study suggests that some churches don’t even have a dedicated room where they keep copies of the Bible. 

The study, commissioned by the Anglican Church, examined more than 20,000 copies of New Testament manuscripts and found that while some were preserved at church or library libraries, there were many copies that were never handed over to the church.

The study looked at the condition of the manuscript and how many people had access to it.

The research found that churches have the authority to destroy or loan out copies of a book in order to make it available to the general public, but not all copies are preserved.

“When it comes to the Bible, we do not have the freedom to make copies.

There is a strict legal requirement for us to destroy the copies and make available them to the public,” Professor Andrew Gartland, an Anglican Studies lecturer at the University of Sydney, told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“[The Bible] is a precious treasure that should be protected, but we have the ability to make those copies available for those who need them.”

He said that the church’s authority to make these copies available was limited, with some copies not being protected.

“The Bible, for example, is a protected book.

We can’t give it away, we can’t sell it, and we can never destroy it,” he said.

The study also found that some of the books in question were used as a model for the Book of Mormon, which is also believed to be the only book in the Bible to contain prophecies.

This model book of the Book, the one pictured here, is said to have been used as inspiration for the book of Mormon.

Professor Gart, who is also a writer and the co-author of a new book about the Bible called The Gospel of John, said the study was the first to examine the condition and condition of New Edition of the New Testament books.

“We knew from research into the Bible that there are certain books that are not particularly well preserved, but the fact that we were able to document those conditions was pretty exciting,” he told ABC radio.

“This is a very exciting discovery, because it means that these books that we have are not really well preserved.”

He added that some copies were still used by the church, while others were given to other groups.

“A lot of the people that I spoke to said that they’d never even heard of it, because they’re so rare.”

What it does show is that these were not very common books in the church,” Professor Gart said.

He said there were some copies of some New Testament that were preserved, while other copies were destroyed.

Professor Gard said it was important to look at the books as a whole.”

They’re all different in some ways, they’re all very, very different books,” he explained.

However, he said that it was not uncommon for a church to have the same copy of a copy of another book, for instance, and the church would often be interested in one of these copies for their own collection.”

It’s interesting that there’s a number of copies that are very, extremely rare, so if a church is interested in a copy, they’ll probably be interested to see how it’s looked after and preserved,” he added.

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