How you can protect yourself from ransomware and other threats on your laptop, desktop, mobile and tablet with this eBook

What if the virus breaks out and all you want to do is stay up late on your bed or take a shower?

What if your phone starts ringing or your phone vibrates?

The best defense against ransomware attacks is to stay connected.

To help keep your devices safe, there’s a new eBook from the folks at Kaspersky Labs, and it’s free.

This free eBook provides tips for avoiding ransomware infections, how to protect yourself against ransomware, how you can get rid of the malicious files on your hard drive, and a comprehensive look at the best ways to protect your files.

“Our free eBook offers tips to protect you from ransomware attacks, how the malware is spread and how to get rid on the malware,” the ebook says.

“You will also get an overview of how to detect and remove malware from your computers.”

The eBook includes an introductory video, tips, a list of ransomware-related malware, links to a number of different online resources, and instructions on how to install the eBook.

Kasperskies eBook is also available on a subscription basis, at $19.99.

Kaspersky says the eBook is “part of a suite of products” that are intended to provide security professionals with a more in-depth understanding of malware.

The eBook will be updated regularly with new malware threats and new malware definitions.

To learn more, check out the eBook page for the ransomware eBook.

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