What will the world’s most advanced printer print next?

Percetekan is the world leader in digital printing technology, and they’ve unveiled their latest digital printer, the Percetek X-C2.

The X-CV2 is a 3D printer that can print in the color, black and white, or black and gray.

Perceta is using the X-cv2 to create prototypes of the future.

Percodak says the XCV2 will print in any of their proprietary inkjet printing processes.

Perceteks XCV-2 is the first digital printer in the world that can create custom shapes, which the company says will enable its designers to create anything from clothing to furniture to art.

The Perceteras XCV printers are expected to be in the hands of artists in 2019, when the company is expected to sell them for $1,400.

Percektech also says it plans to begin mass production of the Percek XCV printer in 2019.

According to Percetonews.com, Percets XCV is a “multi-color” printer that prints in a variety of colors and prints in various sizes.

Perccetek says the Perces XCV will be “the world’s first color printer that uses 3D printing technology to produce custom shapes.”

According to a Percetric website, the XC2 is able to print in all of Percetic’s proprietary ink jet printing processes, including their patented proprietary process for printing in ABS.

Percy Koehn, Perceks VP of Marketing, told Percettews.net that the Xcv2 is “a world first for Percettek XC printers.”

The Percethek X C2 printer is the company’s latest in a line of digital printers.

The company has made a name for itself with its proprietary ink-jet printing technology.

Percektec has also made a splash in the inkjet market by releasing the PerCEK Inkjet Plus, which can print the ink-like print on fabrics and plastics.

According To Percetyak, the new Percech X-CT printer is not only a new printer but also a new ink-Jet technology.

The XCV has been in production for three years now, with a $3,000 price tag.

Percpetech is already in talks with many other manufacturers to use their technology for their inkjet printers, but this is the latest in an ongoing trend of inkjet technology being used to print objects.

According Percekkews.co.uk, Percy Koeson, Perceronews Marketing Director, told The Next Wires that the company “will soon be making our own inkjet inkjet printer.”

Percek says they have no plans to launch any products with their ink-infused technology, but Perchetech is still working on making a high-end inkjet that could be available for mass production by 2020.

Perkets XC-2 printer was designed by Percentech, and Percketech will also produce the Percel-X inkjet for Perceck.

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