Obama says ‘we’re going to put together a task force’ to ‘get this economy back on track’

President Barack Obama on Thursday urged lawmakers to get to work to help the economy get back on its feet.

In a wide-ranging speech to an audience at the White House, Obama called for a “task force” of lawmakers and experts to come up with an agenda to support the recovery.

“We are going to build this new economy, we’re going do it together, we’ve got to get this economy on track,” Obama said.

“We’re going be able to create jobs again and keep them.”

The president did not say whether Congress would be involved in any efforts to create a taskforce.

But a White House official said Thursday that the administration is looking at the idea of a task Force to help boost the economy.

The White House said in an email to reporters Thursday that Obama has been looking at ways to stimulate the economy in the months leading up to the midterm elections, but that he has not been able to find the money to pay for it.

“I think it’s time for the American people to step up,” Obama told the crowd.

“The president is committed to rebuilding our economy, and we’re committed to doing so.”

The Obama administration is in the midst of a huge push to rebuild the nation’s economy, one that is expected to generate about $3 trillion in spending and help spur another round of jobs growth.

But a lack of funding has made the government increasingly reliant on stimulus money.

Obama is trying to push for more than $600 billion in additional stimulus funds through Congress in the upcoming weeks.

Democrats have said that they want the government to provide more money to spur the economy, but Republicans have been pushing for more stimulus funds.

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