When Donald Trump’s inauguration gets underway, the first 100 days of the Trump presidency will see digital media be the focal point—but only if you care about it

President Donald Trump is in full swing, but his inauguration is only the first of many to take place on his watch.

The Trump administration has already set aside more than $400 million to fund digital infrastructure and media initiatives.

And the Trump administration’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has told reporters she is planning to make a “massive push” to help make sure journalists are covering the inauguration in a way that’s accessible to the American public.

But even if you’re an outsider or an outsider-ish, you should care about this year’s inauguration.

If you’re a liberal, progressive, or even a liberal-ish Trump supporter, you may be more interested in the fact that the first official day of his presidency has begun, but the real reason for it isn’t entirely clear.

It’s largely due to a media blackout.

When Trump’s swearing-in took place on Friday, the press corps, which had been focused on covering the swearing-out, instead focused on the inauguration itself.

But, according to multiple sources, the media blackout was the result of Trump’s decision to keep press access to his inauguration to himself.

This is the most significant media blackout of Trump presidency, which is a rare and troubling development given the President’s fervent devotion to the media and its role in covering his every move.

The president’s decision is likely to make it easier for his administration to hide the news of his actions, as well as for the public to be unaware of what he’s doing.

The First 100 Days of the Donald Trump Presidency: The media blackout Trump’s media blackout has had a devastating effect on journalists covering the Trump White House.

As a result of this media blackout, journalists have been unable to cover Trump’s presidency effectively and to get the information they need to report accurately.

While there’s still a lot of work to be done in order to get this information out to the public, a lot more is being done.

In his inaugural address, Trump called out the media as the enemy, saying that “the media is not a neutral actor in our democracy.”

Trump also called on the media to “be great again.”

But even as Trump continues to use the press to push his agenda and the media tries to ignore him, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Trump Administration is not doing its job.

The first 100 Days has been a disaster for journalism.

Trump’s First 100 days: A year and a half ago, we set out to find out how this administration is handling media.

This year, we’ve learned that the media has done its job—and that we need to do it better.

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