Which digital print is best?

Digital prints are getting increasingly popular with consumers.

The latest figures show that, as of May 31, digital print sales had risen by 14 per cent over the same period last year.

However, the numbers do not tell the whole story.

The new figures show the proportion of digital print market share for the print industry has dropped from around 30 per cent in 2015 to around 13 per cent this year.

Digital print sales are growing at a rate of around 3 per cent a year.

“There is a lot of growth in the print market but the growth is coming from digital.

It’s not just about the print, it’s the digital format and the ease of access,” said Mike Kollmann, chief executive of Printworks, which represents the industry.”

I don’t think that digital has lost any of its magic for the consumers but they’ve certainly lost a bit of the magic that made print such a big part of their experience,” he added.

Mr Kollman said printmaking had evolved since the early 2000s, and the printing industry needed to adapt to this new world.

“Digital has come along and we’ve had a lot to learn from that, and that’s why we’ve decided to re-evaluate our print production,” he said.

“We’ve made some changes and we’re not there yet but we are seeing significant growth in print sales.”

But it’s also about the fact that the printmaking is so much more than just printing.

“The most popular digital print was by Zart Digital Prints, which is based in Dublin.

The company has four printworks across the UK and Ireland.

The company’s chief executive, Paul Byrne, said digital print represented a “great opportunity” for the company to grow.”

The print business is an incredibly important part of our business, but we have seen some great growth in digital print over the last couple of years.

“Our print business has grown to over €200 million ($240 million) and it is a strong digital business, which allows us to grow the business over time and provide our customers with a wide range of print formats,” he explained.

“Zart Digital has a fantastic range of prints for sale and a great selection of digital prints available.”

Mr Byrne said the company had started to make changes to its print business to meet customer demand.

“In particular we’ve been introducing new digital print designs and making some great upgrades to our print shop, which we’ve also been looking to do for the last few years,” he concluded.

“It’s really about the customer’s choice of print, and we think that’s a very important thing for our customers.”

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