‘The greatest Italian football player ever’: Di Stefano reveals why he was voted Serie A Player of the Year

Digital commercial printing has become a thing of the past for Milan’s star, who revealed why he won the title with Juventus.

“I don’t really care,” the 21-year-old, who also captained Milan from 2007 to 2016, told AS.

“I want to win the award, that’s the only reason why I won the award.

The award comes from people who have won it.

I have nothing to prove.

I just want to be a champion, a legend.

I’m not worried about what other people think.”

Di Stefano, who is known for his ability to make defenders miss with his powerful passes, also took time to praise Juventus captain Andrea Barzagli, who won the Serie A title in the same year as him.

“He’s one of the best players in the world, in the best position to win it,” Di Stefana said.

“He’s the player I want to play with.

I hope he will be the best.

He will be a legend in my lifetime.”

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