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Vietnam’s digital print industry is facing an uncertain future as it faces new regulations that will severely limit its future growth.

In a move that could hamper the digital printing industry’s growth, Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture on Tuesday announced plans to impose a ban on digital printed images, including prints, as well as printable images and printed books.

According to the Ministry of Information and Culture, the new regulations would force the production of printable photos in digital format, which is widely considered to be the most popular form of printed material.

The Ministry said it would also ban the production and distribution of printed images on smartphones, and that all digital printed products must have a label affixed.

The announcement came a day after the Ministry announced that it would impose a similar ban on printed photographs, as reported by the Vietnam News Service.

Vietnam is the world’s third-largest digital market after the United States and China, according to a recent report by Gartner.

But the country is also home to a burgeoning print industry that has struggled to compete with the rise of online publishers.

Digital printed images were traditionally printed by hand in Vietnam.

But digital printing was introduced in 2014 with the opening of the country’s first digital printing facilities, a facility in Hanoi.

But Vietnam’s new regulations restrict digital printed photos, as the Ministry said, to images that are either “non-printable,” “nonprintable only” or “nonprinted.”

The restrictions on digital prints are a departure from previous restrictions on printed images that were made in 2016, when the government imposed a similar rule on digital images.

That ruling was aimed at preventing the printing of digital images that would damage the country.

Since 2016, Vietnam has introduced a number of measures to regulate the printing industry, including introducing the printing quota system in 2017, which allows print companies to print up to 10 percent of their products on a per-plate basis.

Vietnam’s print quota system has also led to a sharp rise in digital print production, which has grown rapidly in recent years, according the Ministry.

According the ministry, the restrictions will be enforced beginning on January 16.

The restrictions are part of a series of measures that will target the countrys digital printing market, the report said.

VnExpress staff writer Anjali Kumar contributed to this report.

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