Wholesale Digital Printing Services, Inc. announces plans to expand into wholesale digital printing

Wholesaler Digital Printing Company (WDF) today announced plans to invest $100 million in a new business called WholesALE Digital Printing Service, Inc., to focus on the retail and wholesale sectors.

WDF plans to create three new businesses, one in the wholesale printing market, one for print media, and one for wholesale wholesale digital print services.

These new businesses will be called Digital Printing and Digital Media Solutions, Incorporated, or Digital Printing & Digital Media Services, and Digital Printing Digital Media and Digital Publishing Services, respectively.

Wholesales Digital Printing will be based in the Chicago region.

Whole Foods, the nation’s largest grocer, recently announced a partnership with Digital Printing to offer a new line of Whole Foods Whole Foods Market digital printing products, including print and digital print media.

These products will be available through Whole Foods, Whole Foods Digital, and Whole Foods Marketplace.

The two new businesses are expected to be operational by the end of the first quarter of 2018. 

Wholesale Print Media is expected to provide print services to retail stores.

In addition, Wholesole Digital Printing, a division of Wholesalers Digital Printing Group, will focus on wholesale digital services for print-on-demand, video distribution, and other consumer-focused products. 

WDF plans on expanding into wholesale print services as well as retail services over the next few years. 

The company expects to spend $50 million to $60 million over the first year of operation, said CEO and founder and COO, Mike Johnson. 

Digital Printing & DmMedia Services, a subsidiary of WDF, will operate in the retail printing market and will specialize in digital print advertising, merchandising, and sales. 

These new businesses provide digital printing services that will compete directly with wholesale print printing services and will be an important addition to Wholesall Digital Printing’s portfolio of digital print products.

Wholesaler Digital Printing has a history of success in the printing printing industry.

In 2011, it launched its first digital printing company, WDF Digital Printing Inc., which was acquired by Wholesaling Digital Printing. 

In 2015, WDPDigital launched its own digital printing platform, Digital Printing Software Inc., and in 2017, it purchased Wholesalling Digital Printing from Wholesalls Digital Printing Co. Ltd. 

As part of the deal, the company will continue to offer Wholesally Digital Printing products in a variety of print formats including eBooks, paperback, and hardcover. 

“We are excited about the opportunity to expand our digital printing presence in the digital market and provide digital print professionals with the most efficient way to meet the needs of their customers,” said Jim Schoen, Chairman and CEO of Whoresall Digital.

“Wholesall digital printing has proven to be a successful competitor to our existing print business and we look forward to a successful partnership.” 

Whole Foods and Whole Grocers have teamed up to offer digital print printing products to consumers via Whole Foods Online, which offers online ordering for groceries, and by using the Whole Foods digital print platform. 

To learn more about WDF’s digital printing business and other Whole Foods offerings, please visit: wholesalesdigitalprinting.com and wholefoodswholesalercost.com

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