Reliance Jio launches $70 unlimited data plan with unlimited data

A new service from Reliance Industries Ltd., which runs the nation’s biggest telecoms operator, will offer unlimited data plans starting at just $70 for the first year, with the option to add additional data for $5 per month.

The new plan, which Reliance plans to roll out nationwide from the end of the month, will also include the use of smartphones, tablets and a data-only plan.

It is the first nationwide unlimited data offer of its kind, which the company said is aimed at customers who prefer a more casual approach to data.

It will allow customers to use smartphones and other data-hungry devices in a virtual environment, including an online app, which will then be sent to their phone or tablet to download, said the company in a statement on Thursday.

The data-free experience is aimed to “deliver a simpler and more comfortable experience for our customers,” it added.

The Reliance plan is the latest from the company to offer unlimited service in the country.

In November, it announced a plan for Rs 1,000 (US$0.70) per month that included unlimited data.

The company said in October that it would launch its unlimited data offering in India from the second quarter of 2018. 

In October, Reliance Communications Ltd., the world’s second-largest telecoms company by subscribers, said it was launching an unlimited data scheme with speeds of 1Gbps and unlimited data to subscribers in all cities in India.

The Rs 1 lakh plan includes unlimited data in India, for a total of two years of data usage.

The company said it will offer similar plans in other markets as well.

The data-limited plans from other telecoms companies in India have been limited to 100GB of data per month, while the unlimited plans have been offered for the past three years.

Reliance Industries is the largest telecoms owner in the world, with its network covering about 80% of the country, including cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune.

It also owns the country’s largest cable operator, Vodafone India.

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