Digital shirts for women

A new digital shirt printing service, Zoe Digital Printing, has been launched in Israel.

The service aims to offer women digital shirts, and offers free shirts for online purchases.

“We’ve taken an idea from our clients and are using it to offer free digital shirts for their customers,” said Zoe founder and CEO Eran Pinchas.

“This will allow them to save a lot of money and we’ll make sure that their shirts are printed in Israel’s high quality,” added Pinchases son, Shlomo Pinchasis.

The company is working on a larger print run, Pinchasses added, but the current offer is limited to digital shirts only.

In an interview with Haaretz, Pinches son explained the reasoning behind the new service.

“Our customers are very creative,” Pinchass said.

“They want to share their creativity, and this digital shirt service will enable them to do so.”

Zoe aims to provide women with digital shirts by the end of March.

The website offers the following: A selection of women’s digital shirts.

A variety of colors for women’s shirts.

“In the future, we will offer a wider selection of shirts and other customization options,” Pinches said.

The Zoe website, which can be accessed at, includes a number of different shirts and digital shirts: The shirt “Gone Girl” by Zoya.

“Shirley” by H&M.

“Ace in the Hole” by Dior.

“Marry Me” by Adidas.

“Pizza” by L’Oreal.

“Naked and Afraid” by Valentino.

“Luna” by Ralph Lauren.

“I’ll Make You” by The Go-Go’s.

The shirts have a number in the “Sprint” logo.

The new service is available at Zoe’s website and on its Facebook page.

The product also includes a “buy now” button, which allows users to buy shirts on their website.

The shirt price for a “Go-Go” shirt ranges from $60 to $250.

A digital shirt price is $50 to $90.

The price on a shirt can be changed once the shirt is printed.

“The shirt comes with the name, your address and your shirt size,” Pinsas said.

Zoe offers a variety of digital shirts in different sizes, which include a shirt for women under 6, a shirt that is 50% of the wearer’s chest size, and a shirt with the same size as a “regular” shirt.

“One of our main goals was to give women the option to customize their shirts,” Pinsonas said, adding that Zoe has already received requests from women who have been asking for more than one size.

“At first we offered them the regular size, but people told us that they needed more customization,” Panchas said in an interview.

“So we’ve expanded the range of shirts.”

Pinchasing, who lives in Jerusalem, said the shirts are priced for women in Israel, and will not be available outside the country.

“There are more than 1,000 women in the world who wear shirts of this quality, and they are very fashionable,” Pintas said of the shirts.

Pinchasa said that a digital shirt will not replace a regular shirt.

He noted that women in some countries prefer regular shirts, because they tend to look bigger, heavier and more formal than their men.

“It’s very important for women to have something to look good, especially when it comes to their body image,” Pinstas said on the Zoe digital shirt.

Pinstass said that his goal with Zoe is to create a product that is not just a fashion accessory but also a means of expressing oneself, and that women are very keen to use the service.

Pinches’ son said that they have received many requests from Israeli women.

“As long as there are more women in our industry, we’ll continue to work on expanding the range,” he said.

Pinsahas son said the company is also working on partnerships with international partners.

“For example, we’re working with a company called B&M to offer a digital tee, a digital print and a digital jacket,” he explained.

“And we’re also working with companies like Bottega Veneta to offer their products and to make the shirts available to women in all countries of the world.”

Pinsahs son added that he and Pinchasar would continue to expand the Zoes digital shirt offering.

“Zoe will remain a partner and partner for us to continue expanding our offerings in the digital shirts,” he told Haaretz.

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